Thunderbean Status

Updated: Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Shipping in early April:

Cartoon Animals (special disc)
Thunderbean Thursday 2018 (special disc)
Bury Me An Angel
Late 80’s live action/animated feature
IB Technicolor Garage Scans
Top Shelf Scans!
1973 Animated Feature

Shipping in mid to late April:

Funny Bunnies
Cartoon Resolutions
Cartoon Road Trip
Missing Links!
Vintage Education Volume 2
Lots of Bad Guys

Shipping in late April or May:

Rainbow Parades Volume 1
Aesop’s Fables Volume 1
The Other 1940 feature

Shipping in June or Earlier:

Flip the Frog
Looney Tunes Missing in Action
Even More Noveltoons

Shipping in July or Earlier:

1941 Animated Feature
Fleischer Follies
Stop Motion Marvels Blu-Ray
The Complete Adventures of Van Beuren’s Tom and Jerry
The Other Betty Boops, Volume 1

Shipping in August or Earlier:

Rainbow Parades, Volume 2

In Progress:

More Technicolor Dreams and Black and White Nightmares
Ub Iwerks’ Comi-Color V1
Lou Bunin’s Magic Puppet animation, featuring ‘Alice in Wonderland’
All Censored, Volume 2!
Mid Century Modern, Volume 3
Famous Studio’s ‘Little Lulu’ cartoons (special Blu-ray)